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        Oct. 14, 2019

Exposing A Government Conspiracy "OPERATION GET STERLING"

TRUTH is the Sterling family scrapbook and first look into the self-styled American/Jamaican Royal Black Family.

TRUTH exposes the slander, lies and deception set into play to destroy the family's head... The-Nimrod Sterling. A future world leader in the making, whom community and economic goals were not only eagerly awaited by people in 46 United States, but also offered hope to many in 51 World Countries.

This is the exclusive attestment against all odds for which the American/Jamaican first royal couple had to suffer through.
Makes for very interesting reading to all ages as it not only directly address and exposes the family's "Haters" i.e. Joe Public whom hides behind a computer bullying; too a lying, rumor, spreading Federal Magistrate Judge & Newspaper Reporter; illegal Federal Search Warrants & Dirty FBI Agents, Police Officers and more.

TRUTH exposes everyone, and often to the amusement of its readers... causing one to punder: "Did The-Nimrod really just reply saying that?"  While all the while leading its readers through an outcase of Government deception filled with lying, spying Snitches paid off to defame; set-up; & send The-Nimrod Sterling to Federal and State prison for more than 75-Years total.

                                                                         TRUTH IS A MUST READ TRUE STORY/INSPIRATIONAL
                                              Plus The Actual 911 "Fake Life Threatening Emergency" Phone Call CD Is Included




LYNCH MOB  [ Death To All Snitches ]

This is the book which caused Federal Prosecutors during The-Nimrod's 2015 Trial to not only request the court to keep Witnesses Idenities secret... but also caused the Prosecutor to become paranoid for her own safety!
                [[  CHAPTER I. ]]

Kane exited the mop closet with one certainty on his mnd; slapping that motherfuckin' snitch, Robert Jones face off with the wet mop he carried. Although while crossing the open expanse of the cell block, he kept such intentions carefully guarded as he walked passed the table where Robert Jones sat with two more suspected Snitches. Each of whom where laughing it up, having a good old snitch time.

   Pausing in step, Kane turned to Robert boldly interrupting such joviality of a Snitch last week of incarceration. Robert Jones were about to become a free man, and only after serving sixty months on a two-hundred and forty month sentence.

   "Hey Rob," Kane calmly spoke as he offered this snitch a friendly smile. "I forgot to tell you, yo' Cellie wanna see you."
   Robert frowned up at Kane a moment before quickly recomposing his frown into a toothy grin. Kane's acknowledgement of his existence for the first time since serving his sixty months, threw Robert off balance momentarily, but it was nothing to get too excited about. One of Kane's friends had just moved into the cell with Robert two days prior, hoping at the end of the week to get the cell to himself. Therefore communication with the prison's leader of some sort of secret gang, whispered to be called the Lynch Mob Family, should have been expected.

   "Yeah, cool," Robert answered, laughing up in Kane's face. "On my way."

   Nodding okay, Kane took a moment and looked over the three convicts which he mused gave real meaning to the word "inmates" before nonchalantly proceeding toward the stairwell without another word spoken. Kane headed directly for his cell as if just another day for cleaning. Luckily for him, Robert hadn't noticed his impatient glare transfixed on the cell block's  clock hanging just above the Correctional Officer's desk.

Time was of the essence and at five minutes before noon, Kane's timing was off and running if the hit didn't proceed on a timely basis.
   It is better that ten guility persons escape than one innocent suffer, Kane pondered the words of Sir William Blackstone while climbing the stairs.

   The Lynch Mob Family was twenty deep at the United States Penitentiary in Leavenworth, Kansas, but over the last eight years their numbers had grown throughout the nation prison population at an alarming rate. Yet so had the snitches.

   Therefore the Lynch Mob was about to become to snitches just what their federal government sanctuary should have foreseen.
   The Death Penalty!

   Although it's true, with a charge of Obstruction of Justice, a person can receive up to thirty years in prison for touching one of the Rats, but as the Lynch Mob perceived it, "What the fuck can they do if you start making the Bitch/Snitches disappear?"
   That's right, disappearing Snitches!

   Simply leaving no trace of the Federal Government's bowel waste.

   Disappearing Snitches had become Kane's master plan eight years in the making,after his ex-girlfriend turned him in to the cops. Telling everything she knew about Kane and his younger brother, Abel, bank robbery operations.

Although she had been immediately dealt with for such acts of betrayal, female informants was something the Lynch Mob Family was overlooking. Therefore female initiatories was of top recruiting priority. And this September twenty-third, fifteen federal prisons housing men and women across the country were about to experience a disappearance in the Rat population as never heard of before.

     [[CHAPTER II.]]

As Robert Jones climbed that last step and rounded the right corner of the upper tier, making his way three cells down. Correctional Officer Smith glanced up at the cell block's clock, stood, and begin walking the cell block, heading straight toward its far end. He knew the play, and thanks to him providing the uncut hydrochloric acid, he also knew that "Snitch Jones" would be disappearing without a trace.

   Yeah, in a way Smith felt sorry for Snitch Jones, but what the fuck could he do? The briefcase delivery woman that showed up at his door one morning as he was preparing for work was "very" clear. Leaving no doubt that the Lynch Mob Family was bigger than him. Plus, he had a wife and three-year-old daughter's safety to take in consideration.

   Making his rounds through A-Unit's very far end, Smith paused a moment pretending to be interested in something on the mexican's television station. He wanted to stay as far away from the action as possible; which was due to transpire in exactly sixty seconds, beginning right there at USP Leavenworth before escalating nationwide.

   Smith mused that other Correctional Officers from all over the U.S. was somewhere at that exact moment staying clear just as he was. And that at least one Snitch from more than a dozen federal prisons were about to be erased.

Nodding to himself with a slight smile, Smith pondered that maybe the world will finally get the message: STOP SNITCHING! If You Get Caught, Take Your Punishment, Don't Pull Someone ElseInto Your Mess.

   "Yo, Cellie, what can I do for ----" the words ceased on Robert's lips the moment he turned into the cell and glanced upon the three individuals standing in wait. Two of them was from another cell block and rumored to be the Lynch Mob's Special Enforcers. Yet he was too slow to turn and run and it all jumped off in a matter of seconds.

   From the moment Robert turned to bolt from the doorway, Kane caught him in the face with a death blow from his wet mop. Instantly snappingn Robert's head back as his body crumbled hard to the concrete floor amidst the awaiting three Lynch Mob crewmen: Dre, Mark, and Ron.

   Stepping into the cell and closing the door. Kane immediately moved to cover the door window with a piece of cardboard paper. Something everyone in prison do while needing privacy for either conducting a drug deal or handling whatever their vices. When Kane turned back, he noted that Mark and Dre wasted no time retrieving the razor sharp Grim Reaper scythe from under the mattress. An instrument sworn and covenant by the Lynch Mob Family as the hand of judgment and death.

   Kane quietly observed as Dre swiftly brought the Grim Reaper's scythe full power down upon Robert Jones neck. Effortlessly slaying the Snitch head from the rest of his body.

   Glancing at his Ironman watch, Kane silently nodded with approval, given the time displayed three minutes after noon. Dre, Mark and Ron eyes lift from the lifeless body leaking blood on the concrete floor to meet Kane's and everyone offered silent smiles of recognition for what they had accomplished. Knowing at that exact moment the Lynch Mob's instrument of judgment and death had befallen upon fourteen more snitch necks at fourteen other federal prisons around the country. Soon to offer the federal government one hell of a puzzle to unravel.

   "Sir William Blackstone once said, and I quote: It is better that ten guilty persons escape than one innocent suffer." Kane paused and glared up from the decapitated corpse of Robert Jones into the eyesof his crewmen. "There will be no more suffering because of Snitches, and it won't matter who they are... Mayors; Preachers; Cops or even scorn little ex-girlfriends."

They each nodded and bumped fist together in silent agreement.

   Kane then added with a wide grin, "Ron, start the clean-up. I'mma check with my brother."

   Ron carefully pulled the glass containers filled with hydrochloric acid from under his bunk, while Dre took possession of Kane's wet mop. Everyone was feeling on top of the world from such an easy, silent kill. The plan was good and from there they knew that the Lynch mob Family could not be stopped.

   Yes, together, they would be in the business of killing Snitches for years to come; while all the while making a fortune.

        [[ CHAPTER III. ]]

   Saturday afternoon and Abel sat dutifully typing on his office computer at K & A Corporation. Yet all the while enjoying the succulent lips of his personalassistant on her knees milking the last drops of cum from his manhood. At any moment Abel half expected to have to kick her out while he spoke privately with Kane, but for now, he couldn't think of disallowing this lovely little Snow Bunny from doing what she did best.
   Oral sex, and although Abel knew if Kane learned of such activity he'd want to kick his ass. But a little face around the office seemed harmless enough. Especially with the amount of money he was paying.

   Otherwise, there was really nothing to worry about, business wise, as no one could surmise from his computer that he had hacked the Federal Bureau of Prisons data base and was secretively staying on top of the federal government's response to the national alert of missing snitches disappearing out of federal prisons.

   The phone begin to ring and LaTammy, Abel's office secretary soon buzzed his intercom exclaiming, "Mr. Adams, you have a call on line one."
   Kane and Abel Adams, unlike the bible scripture, were two brothers of a kind and the best of friends. Kane was the elder at thirty-two, talland slim with a muscular build and dark coffee and cream complexion. The perfect mixture for a man considered hard and demanding respect.

   Abel, however, was another story being of similar height and build yet more fair skin in complexion and was only twenty-eight-years-old. In fact, back in school he was known as Yellow Boy, and not just because of his complexion either, but because whenever trouble broke out some felt that he would always turn yellow and run. Leaving the trouble for his big brother to handle. Even today, Abel stayed behind the scene laundering money and playing the little Corporate Boy while Kane and his crew handled all the troubles and incurred the risk.

   Abel pushed Crissy's head from his manhood and straightened his pants as if Kane could see him through the phoneline.
   "Crissy, why don't you head on home for the day. This call's important."

Running a hand across her wet lips, Crissy winked an eye at Abel, making no attempt to get up off her knees or move from beside his desk.
   "Only if you promise to come by later?" She asked with a wicked grin.

   Abel immediately shook his head. "You know I got a girl. This is strickly business, remember? Never outside office hours."

   Crissy sighed but said nothing more so Abel waved a dismissive hand and picked up the phone. "Hey Bro, right on time."

                                                                            $                             $                         $

   Six months later, a black superstretched limousine pulled to the curb in front of the monumental steps of the United States Penitentiary of Leavenworth, Kansas. Once renowned as the most dangerous prison in the United States. The time was exactly 12:00 midnight, and Kane's victorious exit from the notorious prison was expected any minute.

   The driver had stepped from the vehicle and opened Abel's door before he realized it. At the moment, Abel was deep in thought as to what his brother's future plans were concerning the front construction company he insisted Abel create.

   "Here you are, Sir," the chauffeur announced while lifting a hand up toward the intimidating prison.

   True, the time was midnight but Abel Adams stepped from the rented 300M dressed to kill in a soft peach $800.00 Louis Vuitton silk shirt and matching $2,500.00 LV boat shoes, a $900.00 Canali dirty white linen pants, and a $90,000.00 diamond encrusted Rolex watch, which seem to dance around his wrist. Yes, the surrounding prison lights caused the diamonds on Abel's Rolex to dance wildly, and of course the chauffeur couldn't help but take note, yet smartly kept all comments to himself.

   "Thanks. I'm just waiting for my brother to bolt from them at any minute. Think you can give me some privacy?"

The chauffeur offered him a thoughtful smile and nod before answering, "Not a problem, Sir." Then made his way to stand in front of the limousine.

   Abel stood there a moment staring up at the monstrous, human cage before glancing down at the $250.00 bottle of Comte de'Mazeray champagne in his hand. Just thinking of how grateful he was not to have had to go to prison for his part in thier bank robbery operations. Abel had gotten off with ten years probation.

   "Damn Bro, are you coming or what?" he whispered to himself.

   It had been eight years since the two of them were seperated. Kane was only twenty-four at the time and Abel was fresh out of high school.
   Bank Jackin'. Except Kane and his crew would jack the bank's vault as soon as the employees showed up for work and would leave as soon as the front doors opened for business.

   Kane and his crew would break into the bank the night before and await all night to surprise the employees the moment they arrived, and of course, make them assist in cleaning out the bank's vault. Kane and Abel had made millions in under a month, and Abel, being a computer whiz with a natural composition for establishing bullshit corporations i.e. like their check cashing spots and now the construction company, made him the perfect partner for washing their illgotten fortune and making everything appear legally earned.

Nonetheless, in the end some crazy female Kane was sexing got in her feelings and told the FBI that he had scoped out the Bank of America. Having no idea how she figured out that Kane was really a bank robber, neither Kane or Abel could surmise, yet Kane end up receiving a hundred and twenty month, ten year sentence for simple conspiracy, while Abel received ten years probation. The nutty female was the first to receive an unofficial Lynch Mob death sentence. The first to disappear never to be heard from again.

  Suddenly the door to the prison opened and Kane emerged like a black shadow, stylishly wearing the gear Abel sent in to him for this special day.
   Dressed in all black like the Omen. Kane wore a black and white Chicago Sox cap, black swade sweats and pilot jacket,with a hot pair of Retro 7 Air Jordan's. Abel couldn't see the black stainless steel $20,000.00 Cartier watch, but he knew Kane had it on his wrist.

   "Bay Bro," Kane yelled, with a wide grin as he stepped out the prison door running down the staircase to embrace Abel in a bear hug.

   "Yeah, been a long time." Abel choked out the words through the slaps on his back coming from Kane's powerful hands. Then just as sudden, Abel thrusted a bottle forth from which he had been hiding behind his back. "Got you the gift of champagne."

   The chauffeur now walked to their side and opened the car door and called to them, "Gentlemen?"

   The two brothers got in the limo still laughing about nothing, yet laughing about everything. Really, it was just the feelings of finally being together again which burst forth, and by the time the driver learned his next destination, the local strip club, a relief and calmness had now settled over the two brothers whom knew no other family outside themselves.

   As the limousine slowly pulled away from the government's human cage, Abel turned to his brother with the that had caused him many of sleepless nights lately.

   "Kane, you gotta tell me about the future of our businesses? Especially this Lynch Mob thing?"

   Since the Lynch Mob Family's first official hit six months ago they had been continuously busy all over the country, knocking off Snitches left and right, making their bodies disappear without a trace. And the kicker, is that it had all been just for practice. A killing "pro bono" so to speak. Plus the Lynch Mob numbers had grown extremely fast, and many of their members were now on the streets as free men and women, sworn to the Lynch Mob Family and eager to earn money as professional contract killers of Snitches.

Therefore Kane and Abel's corporate funds were getting pretty tight from all the spending it took to pay off certain people to insure each hit. Notwithstanding two months prior, Kane had instructed Abel to create a bogus construction company in which Abel was to purchase a lot of expensive equipment and vehicles in 45 States.

   With millions of dollars per month spent and none coming in, Abel knew that their penthouse lifestyles would not last much longer. They had to get back to making some money. Some BIG money and soon!

   Kane turned a silly grin onto his brother a moment. "Abel, the Lynch Mob Family is about to get P-A-I-D," he answered, spelling out the word paid. "Handling so much dispute resolution, so to speak, we gotta start purchasing our own cemeteries nationwide."

   "Really?" Abel whispered more-so to himself than to Kane. His mind immediately became engulfed with the financial possibilities.

   "Of course," Kane assured him. "It's like what 2Pac said: Revenge is like the sweetish joy next to getting pussy. And who in their right mind wouldn't want revenge from a Snitch that's about to put them in prison or have put them in prison?"

   Abel seem to ponder the thought a moment so Kane continued, "You know how many years I've spent in my cell thinking about that Rat Bitch that got me locked up? A person would have to be C-R-A-Z-Y not to know that their death is coming soon!"